St Mary’s, Acton – Bereavement Group ‘Meet Ups’

The main purpose of our Bereavement ‘meet-up’ Group is to bring together people from the Parishes of Acton, Wettenhall, Worleston and Church Minshull who have experienced loss, grief or bereavement.

We welcome you and we are pleased that you have taken this first step towards possibly coming along to one of our group meetings. We thank you for finding the courage. We understand that it takes bravery to find your way here and to come amongst strangers. Our meetings will last around an hour to an hour and a half. We have refreshments available and an opportunity to get up and move around.

We want you to know that as part of our community you matter. Our groups aim to offer a safe place, a place where you can be assured of confidentiality and a place to share whatever you feel you wish to, at whatever pace you wish to go.

This is a relatively new venture for us, so we need you to help guide us – so that, we can develop the meetings to suit your needs.

Loss brings, sadness, bewilderment and loneliness and we must find resources within ourselves to cope with it, to thrive and to move forward.

Meeting others who have been in the same situation as yourself can have its benefits – simply by talking and sharing experiences.

We all have experience of life, yet sometimes our inner strengths can be suppressed by these feelings of overwhelming loss.

We aim to meet three monthly but you may feel there is a need for meetings more frequently – do let us know.  We will welcome feedback at the end of our sessions.

Call 01270 628 864 for more information or email