St Mary’s Acton – Churchyard

Churchyard Co-ordinator: Philip Percival 01270 624158


About three to four times a year a churchyard ‘working party’ will be organised to help on a Saturday morning with tidying up the borders around the Church. If you would like to become a volunteer – please contact Philip.

Groundsman/Gardener: David Whitmarsh (working generally on a Monday and Friday)

The cost of maintaining the Churchyard amounts to approximately £7,000 each year. Donations are always grateful received.

The Hornby Grave

Many cricket supporters come to visit the Hornby grave which is situated just behind the bus stop against the main road. This is the grave of Albert Hornby. Albert Neilson Hornby, (1847 – 1925) was one of the best-known sportsmen in England during the nineteenth century excelling in both rugby and cricket. He was the first of only two men to captain the country at both rugby and cricket but is also remembered as the England cricket captain whose side lost the Test match which gave rise to the Ashes at home against the Australians in 1882. Additionally, he played football for Blackburn Rovers.

Gravestone Records

The church holds a register listing the gravestones. Please contact the Churchwarden if you require assistance. The graves date back to 1671 (a wall plaque inside the church dates 1632).

Monumental Inscriptions and Churchyard Map

Military Graves

There are 5 military graves (two from WW1) and they are maintained by the Commonwealth War Graves Commission