Messy Church – February 2022

23 February 2022

20th February 2022

Mr Noah built an ark this morning – quite fitting for such a stormy week as we are having! Everyone put their animals in – with accompanying sound effects, sang the Arky Arky song and heard about the rainbow, a symbol of God’s promise that he would never again completely flood the earth. But why did Noah build a boat in a desert? Because the bible said Noah “walked with God”. They were friends and talked to each other – Noah did what God wanted even though it must have been hard and God saved Noah and all his family.

If we too “walk with God” we can be sure he will never leave us helpless or alone. Rainbow prayers were said, and rainbow cakes and rocking arks made while there was a discussion on God’s covenant to Noah and the world for a new start.

Thank you to St Mary’s Nantwich for the loan of their wonderfully knitted Noah’s ark.

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