Messy Church – March / April 2022

25 April 2022

20th March 2022

We all went to a joyful wedding this morning but oh dear the wine ran out. Good job Jesus came to the rescue! The miracle at the wedding in Cana is well known, the first ‘sign’ pointing to who Jesus really is – the Son of God who is interested and cares for all aspects of our lives, ordinary and important. We decorated heart shaped boxes filling them with chocolates and IOUs to give to someone close to us for Mothering Sunday and sewed sunflower seeds for the Sustainable Nantwich challenge and to plant out in the churchyard for all to see later in the year. Whose sunflower will be the tallest? Pete’s group looked at the ‘signs’ of the coming Messiah in John’s Gospel.

10th April 2022 Palm Sunday

We were on a special journey this morning telling the Easter story together with a chant and with our hands! From Palm Day to Passover Day to Promise Day, the dramatic, bewildering, sad and hopeful events of Holy Week unfolded as  we followed in the footsteps of Jesus to his death on the cross and glorious resurrection. We tore a cross for our prayers,  decorated lovely standing crosses and Holy Week wheels and all the children received Janet’s beautiful goodie bags

Next Messy Church is 15th May  – 10am. Come and give us a go!

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