Messy Church – August and September 2022

August and September 2022

21st August 2022

We met Joseph now as Governor of Egypt facing his family from Canaan who have come to beg for food – but they didn’t recognise their brother!  Whatcha gonna do Joseph?  In rhyme and song we heard how he came to forgive them for their earlier treatment of him but not before playing a trick on them – had they changed?  Apparently, so all was forgiven – if not forgotten!  Joseph whose God was with him through all his ups and downs had shown what the power of love can do.

We decorated colourful love heart biscuits,  played a Joseph snakes and ladders game and produced a frieze telling the whole story for everyone in Church to see. Pete’s group learnt about the extent of Joseph’s forgiveness of his brothers, even after Jacob had died.

17sh September 2022

Old Macdonald sowed some seeds!  We all told the parable of the Sower together in rhyme and song while the children led the action.   We made edible soil pots,  pecking birds and decorated old CDs as bird scarers while Peter’s group discussed how this particular parable fits in Matthew’s account of the good news.

The sunflowers we planted in May at the front of Church grew well despite the dry weather and Mr Mole and now the seeds are ripening for sowing next year unless the birds get them first!

Come and have “the word of the Lord planted in your heart” at our next Messy Church on 16th October at 10am. 
Everyone very welcome.

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